The Guidon Online Hays High School's Official Student Newspaper Mon, 16 Nov 2020 14:18:03 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Volleyball host annual banquet Mon, 16 Nov 2020 14:18:03 +0000 On Wednesday, Nov. 11, the volleyball team held its annual banquet in the cafeteria.

Volleyball started their banquet by watching a 20-minute varsity highlight video.

Freshman coach Madison Prough then talked about the 27-1 freshman season, and junior varsity coach Payton Scheer distributed certificates to JV players.

Varsity coach Shannon Funk then continued talking about the overall season, mentioning senior Alexa Moekel for lead in aces and kills, senior Brooklyn Schaffer for lead in digs and junior Aleyia Ruder for lead in blocks.

The banquet ended with a PowerPoint to honor the seniors.

“I love going to the banquets and getting to be with the entire team,” junior Kamree Leiker said. “It’s nice doing something together other than volleyball.”

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Science Olympiad students encouraged to recruit others Fri, 13 Nov 2020 20:57:17 +0000 Science Olympiad’s first meeting was on Nov. 2 during PRIDE Time. During this meeting, they were encouraged to recruit more students to join the organization.

“We really need Science Olympiad people because currently our team is really small,” senior Cristina Leos said. “I think we lost about eight seniors this year and only gained one new person.”

Leos said that Science Olympiad can have up to 20 people, and the club currently has less people than there are events at competition.

Instructor Lynn Zimmerman said there are only positive aspects to joining Science Olympiad.

“There are a lot of things I like about it,” Zimmerman said. “It’s a lot of teamwork.”

Students who join Science Olympiad pick out of a list of topics and take projects and tests while competing in the topic they choose. Topics include classes that Hays High may not offer, so this gives students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of subjects in science.

“As large of a school as we are, we are somewhat limited on some of our offerings in science,” Zimmerman said. “Having these different types of activities in Science Olympiad, as they compete, you can pick a topic that maybe you would like to learn more about that because we don’t offer a class, so it exposes you to it.”

Regionals for Science Olympiad will most likely be a virtual competition occurring in February.

“It would honestly be really awesome if we could find more people to join because it’s super cool,” Leos said. “It’s super inclusive, and everyone gets to learn new things at their own speed. It’s a really fun thing you get to do.”

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Colleges, military branches visit Hays High Fri, 13 Nov 2020 18:59:31 +0000 So far this year, there have been many college and military visits to Hays High, and there will be many more throughout the year. A few military and colleges that have visited so far are as follows:

Army National Guard

Barton Community College

Bethany College

Colby Community College

Kansas State University (Virtual)



Northwest Kansas Technical College

University of Kansas (Virtual)

University of Nebraska-Kearney (Virtual)

Washburn University

Wichita State University

“In the past, there was a table set up for the college and military representatives to visit with students during lunch,” counselor Suellyn Stenger said. “Due to social distancing, we went with the option of having them available during PRIDE Time in a different setting.”

In addition to changing the time and location, some colleges offered virtual visits and tours. Kansas State University and University of Kansas are two of the colleges that offered online visits for Hays High.

Although visiting a college is the best way to get to know about it, the visits are helpful to students as well. They let students interact with the representative and ask about the college beyond what can be learned from the college’s website.

In some cases, students have had the option to visit with several colleges at once during PRIDE Time.

“This year, we made the change that, if we can have two or three come, we try and put them together so students can hear a little bit form more of a variety in one setting,” Stenger said.

The college and military visits are a great resource to have to help you decide or just get to know the different opportunities.

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QUIZ: What book should you read next? Thu, 12 Nov 2020 23:23:53 +0000

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Senior wins Daughters of American Revolution Award Thu, 12 Nov 2020 20:01:09 +0000 On Tuesday, Oct. 27, senior Alicia Feyerherm won the Daughters of the American Revolution, or DAR, Good Citizen Award.

The DAR Good Citizen Award is presented annually to a one student at each participating school who displays the qualities of a good citizen, such as dependability, leadership, service, etc. The staff members at Hays High nominated their Top 3 candidates from the senior class to determine the overall winner.

“I had no idea this award existed until I was called to [counselor] Ms. [Suellyn] Stenger’s office,” Feyerherm said. “It’s nice to know my teachers think highly of me.”

DAR is a national, non-profit organization, so it has local chapters across the country. The group promotes education, historic preservation and patriotism, and it also has many projects, like the Good Citizen Award.

“They do so much more than just the Good Citizen Award,” Feyerherm said. “They take on many other projects, like the Benjamin Franklin paper contest some of us competed in way back in fifth grade.”

Whoever is nominated is then given to opportunity to apply for a scholarship granted through the local DAR chapter. The application included an outline of the student’s high school activities, including work experience and community service, an official transcript, two letters of recommendation and a timed essay.

“I was incredibly honored to receive this award,” Feyerherm said. “It’s nice to receive recognition, especially so unexpectedly,”

This is a picture of the new Daughter’s of the American Revolution logo. The DAR is a lineage-based membership service organization for women who are descendants from a person involved in the United States’ Revolution.

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Students share what they do after school on Early Release days Mon, 09 Nov 2020 21:55:29 +0000 On the second Wednesday in six months of the school year, students are released early from school so that faculty members can gather for professional development or staff meetings.
For students, dismissal is at 1 p.m., so they have 66-minute classes and no PRIDE Time, then two hours to do something other than being in school, like normal.
Here are just some things that students do during early release days:
“On early release days, I will usually get something to eat with my friends and just hang out after school. I do enjoy early release days because it is nice to have a break.” -junior Leah Legleiter
“I go home and do nothing. I enjoy early release days because it is a small break in the middle of the week.” – junior Savanna Wellbrock
“Usually on early release days, I go home and practice guitar or play video games. I enjoy early release days because it gives me more free time to do what I want.” -sophomore Philip Veatch
“I love to sing and dance after school after I get all my homework done. I love early release days because it gives us more of a chance during the week to get things done, plus we have more time to see our friends as much as with can with COVID.” -freshman Brooke Leiker
“One thing I do after early release days most of the time is to go spend time with some of my friends or just sit at home and watch Netflix. I do enjoy having early release days because I get the rest of the day to get caught up on school and get all my homework done or just to get to sit at home and relax.” – freshman Dezarae Schmidt

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Tobacco, Juul use to be discussed with Health classes Mon, 09 Nov 2020 19:25:27 +0000 Freshmen in teacher Haley Wolf’s Health classes will gather in the library on Wednesday, Nov. 11 and Wednesday, Nov. 18. There, they will listen to a presentation about the statistics and dangers of Juul and tobacco use.

This is the second year that the Juul and Tobacco presentation has been made at Hays High for freshmen. It is run by Smoky Hill Foundation for Chemical Dependency, Inc., which was established in 1979 as a non-profit organization “for the prevention, intervention and treatment of substance abuse.”

Some topics at the presentation will be the dangers and side effects of tobacco use, as well as the newly emphasized necessity of respiratory strength. Many things have been changed and brought to the public’s attention because of the current pandemic, with overall health and wellness being one such example. Smoking of any kind can leave users more at risk for respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.

However, some of the COVID-19 protocols have actually been thought to reduce Juul and tobacco use.

“We do have fewer cases this year, but I think that’s a lot to do with our masks,” assistant principal Fred Winter said.

Another discussion topic to be covered is the amendment to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act made on Dec. 20, 2019. The amendment states that the minimum age a person has to be to buy tobacco has increased to 21, three years older than previously.

“[Juul and tobacco use] is something that we just want to constantly hit on and educate kids about, but I think it’s always a problem, no matter how many or how few [students are doing it],” Winter said.

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Chess tournament held online due to COVID-19 Mon, 09 Nov 2020 19:16:30 +0000 Chess Club officially opened the season with their first tournament against Canton-Galva High School on Nov. 7. The tournament was held virtually for the first time due to COVID-19.

The Kansas Scholastic Chess Association set up a group on so that they could run their own breakout sessions of competing students.

“The format wasn’t something we were familiar with at all,” chess coach Erin Holder said. “However, at the beginning of the year, I made sure everyone had an account on because we had a meeting of all the coaches in Kansas to talk about what this year is going to look like, and I knew that going in.”

Before the tournament, the team held a couple mock tournaments to help students prepare for the real thing.
Holder said she hopes that this season will not be one of online-only tournaments, but that the team can get used to the virtual format, nevertheless.

The state competition is currently scheduled for March 3 in person at Wichita State University, but Holder said that nothing is certain.

“If anything escalates with this whole COVID thing in the future, then State will have to be done in this format as well, so we definitely need that practice to get in there and get used to those online tournaments just in case it happens,” Holder said. “It’s all playing by ear at this point.”

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‘Hubie Halloween’ features comedic starts to teach a lesson Mon, 09 Nov 2020 19:12:26 +0000 The new mystical comedy produced by Happy Madison is a comedic twist to the horrors of Halloween night.

“Hubie Halloween” was released on Oct. 7 on Netflix and to a few theaters that were still open to the public. The main actors in the movie were Adam Sandler, along with Julie Bowen, Karan Brar, Steve Buscemi, Kevin James, Ray Liotta, Tim Meadows and Ben Stiller.

Hubie Dubois, the main character played by Sandler, is a person who has went through many dark experiences caused by a town of bullies. His mother tells him to stand up to the bullies, but Hubie is too afraid to do so. Hubie and his multi-use Thermos never let the words of the others put them down, and he is always kind to the people who torture him, while they are the complete opposite.

Hubie is on the Halloween Safety Crew, which tries to enforce safety on Halloween night. On Halloween night, Hubie is inside of a high school party trying to enforce the rules on the students who are at the party. Mike Mundi (Brar) is a popular kid who takes a part in bullying Hubie.

Mike Mundi runs into the corn field to try and scare Hubie, as he is very easy to scare. Mike Mundi is then taken by an unknown mysterious figure. Throughout the night, many other people who tease Hubie go missing.

Another conflict arises when two people, named Rob Schneider (also known as Walter Lambert) and Richie Hartman, escape from a mental hospital and are suspected to have gone back to the town that Hubie and the others reside in. Rob Schneider moves into the house next to Hubie and boards up the walls and windows.

The mysterious acts and tones continue as more people continue to go missing. Hubie attempts to get help from Sgt. Steve Downey (James) about the disappearances. The officer exclaims his past interferences with the police and decides to not listen to Hubie’s claims.

Soon after, Steve Downey starts to believe Hubie and then begins to hunt for the missing people. The story continues to unfold as a serious twist is shown at the end. The two who escaped are thought to have done the crimes but had been taken into the police station already.

In the end, the police force and Hubie, along with the two escapees, find the missing people tied up in Hubie’s backyard. To find out why, I urge people to watch the movie for themselves.

The story had a very definite plot that was simple to understand. My rating for the movie is a 7/10. The cast featured in the movie were an amazing combination, and I hope to see them together in another film.

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Basketball teams host informational meetings Mon, 09 Nov 2020 19:12:21 +0000 On Nov. 6, girls who were interested in playing basketball for the 2020-2021 season had a meeting in the Multipurpose Room to discuss some information.

They talked about expectations for their season and when games and practices would be.

There have been four different coaches within a four-year time period at Hays High, and this year, the head coach is Len Melvin, and the assistant coaches are Karli Beck, Tianna Epperson, Brandon Maska, Seth Oakley and Mark Watts.

The girls’ season officially starts on Nov. 16, and their first games will be during the Hays City Shootout, which is Dec. 3-5.

The boys’ season also started off with an informational meeting where they talked about the season’s expectations and their schedule.

Their head coach is Alex Hutchins, who is in his third year of coaching at Hays High, his second with the boys’ program. Tre Giles, Trey O’Neil, Brandon Maska, and Isaiah Nunnery are the assistant coaches for this year.

The boys’ also officially start on Nov. 16, and their first games will be during the Hays City Shootout, which is Dec. 3-5.

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